Me and my father Ugo: biography.

CLAUDIO CASIGLIA. Nato a Palermo nel 1993 è figlio del noto costruttore e restauratore Ugo Casiglia. Alla giovane età di 18 anni dedica interamente il suo tempo agli strumenti musicali a tastiera. Fin da piccolo appassionato di meccanica, elettronica e costruzione frequenta per gioco l’atelier del padre non sapendo che quello diventerà il suo futuro lavoro... [...]
"Primus" project.

This is my first harpsichord built in 2017: Its name is Primus. My father Ugo Casiglia helped me to build a suitable instrument for Students. He did the the technical drawing and he gave me all means to build a simple and fine harpsichord. This instrument is without any decorations (it has elegant decorative lines though) and.. [...]
Supplies and parts.

In the field of early keyboard supplies there are some usually unavailable supplies and parts which I have been producing since 2015 for customers all around the world, handmade or in many cases even custom made items like hinges in requested sizes from brass, early Viennese fortepiano Kapsels or wooden parts like Viennese hammer shanks.. [...]

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